The right asset classes, the right securities, the right time.

WESPAC Advisors has developed a sophisticated and systematic approach to implementing tactical asset allocation across asset classes and across investment horizons. This approach helps us identify market leadership to keep our portfolios properly allocated.

We participate in asset classes that are leading the market, and, when safe assets lead, we tactically shift our allocations to that new leadership. The WESPAC approach is not a process based on academic research, predictions, and speculation – it is a disciplined process that has been effectively deployed across all types of market environments.

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Tactical Asset Allocation 

The best of what all markets have to offer.

Most investment management strategies are based on predictions of the future and speculation about how securities will behave in that context. Given the difference in performance between the leaders and the laggards across all markets, there are substantial risks in holding the wrong positions at the wrong time.

Tactical asset allocation helps you participate in what the markets are actually doing, as opposed to what someone thought the markets should do.

When applied across asset classes and investment horizons, tactical asset allocation seeks to deliver the best of what financial markets have to offer. If you are uncomfortable with the performance of your investments, and you feel there should be a real alternative to conventional portfolio management, that is good thinking.

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Relative-Strength Investing

Transparent, flexible, and adaptive.

Relative-strength investing is a sophisticated, systematic approach to implementing tactical asset allocation and active management. The technology behind relative strength investing helps us identify market leadership across asset classes and investment horizons to keep you allocated to the right asset classes and securities at the right time, including lower risk assets in times of market distress.

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Performance for Clients

We treat your portfolio like our own.

WESPAC’s mission is to provide sophisticated investment solutions to our clients with full transparency. You can choose how involved you want to be in the investment process – we are always available to be your trusted partner in managing your investment portfolio as things change in the markets and in your life.

WESPAC’s clients are not just assets-under-management to us – our firm cares deeply about your investment performance.

We are invested enormously in your success. In fact, we invest in the same portfolios that you do. If you want a real partner in implementing your investment plan, choose WESPAC. It’s not about us, it’s about you.

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