Our Philosophy

We offer a flexible and adaptive approach to implementing an investment strategy that meets your needs today and in the long-run.

We have developed a platform that allows each client to express their own unique objectives in a portfolio structure that they are comfortable with, rather than being limited to just a few pre-built solutions.

The result is a truly custom-tailored investment portfolio — not a cookie-cutter strategy.

Participate in the equity markets, in the fixed income markets, and in other markets such as REITs and commodities with WESPAC investment solutions.

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Our Solution

Our solution includes 5 different equity strategies that address different objectives and risk tolerances. These strategies differ in terms of scope, how they are implemented, and yield criteria.

In addition, our solution includes a fixed income rotation strategy that we can blend with our equity strategies to address different objectives and risk tolerances. Like our equity strategies, we may make tactical shifts to try to take advantage of opportunities in the bond markets.

Finally, our solution includes 4 other strategies that blend different asset classes or otherwise focus on non-standard asset classes such as real estate investment trusts and preferred stock. These strategies differ in terms of scope, how they are implemented, and risk level.

Our Strategies

WESPAC delivers a suite of portfolio components that represent different strategies, risk levels, and opportunities. These portfolio components are all implemented using a systematic methodology based on relative-strength and tactical asset allocation. 

Portfolios can be constructed using components that are comfortable to all types of investors ranging from conservative investors with a primary goal of capital preservation to aggressive investors who have a high tolerance for risk.

No matter your risk profile, time horizon or investment objectives, we will design and implement an investment strategy that aligns with your specific needs.

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