Nearly twenty years ago, WESPAC Advisors, LLC set out to develop a new approach to investment management to contend with what we saw as the new market reality – the boom and bust cycle from 1995–2002.

The world had changed, and WESPAC felt that investment management also had to change so we could continue to generate favorable returns while offering downside protection for our clients.

Since the time that we developed our dynamic approach, we were tested with yet another boom cycle from 2003–2007, the subsequent bust cycle in 2008, and now another boom cycle from 2009 through to today.

Our actions taken on behalf of our clients demonstrate the success of our dynamic approach across volatile markets.

The market environment after the 2008 Financial Crisis has continued to change. The link between economic and earnings fundamentals and the markets has become distorted. Central banks around the globe are shamelessly targeting asset prices with monetary policy. Corporations indulge in financial engineering and stock buybacks, clouding earnings performance. The markets are buffeted daily by the micro-boom and bust cycles caused by high-frequency trading.

The environment is getting even more challenging, every day.

The uncertainty and volatility of the markets over the past 20 years call into question conventional investment management. Most investment management strategies are based on predictions of the future and speculation about how securities will behave in that context.

WESPAC Advisors believes that a more flexible, tactical, and adaptive process is required to effectively manage assets in this environment.

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